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A year in review – Acorn property roundup 2021


2021 proved to be another difficult year as we continued to navigate the pandemic and Brexit. Nevertheless, we’ve been able to rise above these challenges with the last 12-months proving to be one of our busiest years to date.

Over the last year, we’ve completed more than 260 new homes and welcomed hundreds of new residents. We’ve also secured a further 300 new reservations with even more buyers looking forward to moving in.

In many respects, these last two years have reinforced just how important it is to have homes and spaces that inspire positivity and make us feel good about where we live and work. As such, we’re delighted that Acorn homes appeal to a wide variety of home buyers and support a range of lifestyles.

Not only are we incredibly proud of our committed team at Acorn for driving our projects forward, we owe a huge thanks to our investors for their funding support too.

Buoyed by the last 12 months, we’re looking forward to the next year with optimism and want to take this opportunity to look back at just some of the highlights from 2021.


Highlights of 2021

We’re incredibly proud of all the homes we build. Here, we focus on just three of our completed projects, and look at how they provide homes that are fit for the future while actively lowering carbon footprints today.


Cubis Bruton, Somerset (phase one)

Comprising of 27 modern and striking 3 and 4 bedroom homes and designed by renown land artist Mark Merer, our Cubis Bruton properties are both highly desirable and sustainable.

Set in ‘the most fashionable place to live in the UK’ according to The Times, these homes are set in a natural amphitheatre overlooking the pretty market town of Bruton. This innovative scheme is modern in style, designed to be energy efficient and highly sustainable. The beautiful landscaping is also a key feature, ensuring buildings are  in keeping with surroundings, demonstrating harmonisation between nature and design.

With a focus on enhancing biodiversity, we built bat and bird boxes while selected homes featured sedum roofs to provide microclimates for insects. As well as providing a safe haven for local wildlife, the roofs also serve as an effective and sustainable urban drainage system. Rainwater can be absorbed and then slowly released back into the environment to minimise the risk of flooding. The homes themselves are made of locally sourced sustainable timber and include triple glazed windows for effective insulation.


Cross Farm, Wedmore

Offering contemporary rural living is our collection of 31 traditionally styled homes at Cross Farm, Wedmore. Considered a picture postcard village, Wedmore provides great local amenities and excellent commuter links to Bristol.

Close to Cheddar Gorge and the  Mendip Hills – designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – residents can enjoy the peace and solitude of country-living. With their oversized windows, our two, three, and four-bedroom homes are ideal for anyone keen to make the most of the great outdoors alongside flexible living space.

The open plan design has been particularly important to the popularity of these homes. The sense of space enables residents to create their own, bespoke layout that supports working from home as well as providing communal family areas.  As one Cross Farm resident, Damien Lovegrove says:

What attracted me immediately was the overall design of the scheme and appearance of the individual properties. While it was clearly modern, the detailing of the external design was fitting with the broader local architecture. The internal design and specification was also a key point for me. Where the architects might have squeezed in extra rooms, they didn’t, leaving each room feeling spacious and bright.” 


The Liner, Falmouth

With uninterrupted sea views over the award-winning Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth, The Liner is the pinnacle of modern coastal living. Made up of 53, one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses, The Liner also includes prime commercial space that will offer residents the convenience of amenities while providing local job opportunities.

Clever planning means we’ve maximised the use of south-facing windows to make the most of the sun during winter. Green roofs are also a key feature at The Liner too, enabling local biodiversity to thrive.

Our commitment to communities is another important aspect of this particular project, and wherever possible, we’ve used local suppliers and contractors to sustain the regional economy.


Looking ahead to the new year

At Acorn, our priority has always been to build quality homes that enrich the lives of residents and communities, as well as the environment. Our award-winning homes are testament to that. But we’re also striving to do more, and earlier last year, we launched our Acorn Green initiative.

The initiative cements our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of building and construction work. We’ve made huge strides and already exceed industry standards, but our goal is for the operational side of our business to reach net-zero carbon.

None of us can predict what 2022 will have in store for us all, but at Acorn, we’ll continue to do what we do best – designing beautiful homes that suit the way we live now and that are fit for the future.

So far, our committed pipeline sites have provision for more than 2,000 homes. These projects will be delivered over the next three to four years and are valued in excess of £1.1 billion.

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