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Acorn’s 2021 development pipeline– a focus on sustainability


Our ongoing commitment to sustainability

At Acorn, we’ve always taken a unique approach to the homes we build, and we’re wholeheartedly committed to improving sustainability in everything we do. To consolidate our commitment, we recently launched Acorn Green that will highlight the work we do and track our journey to net-carbon zero.

The built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint, but tackling that energy consumption isn’t just about changing the way we live, it’s also about ensuring the homes and properties we build enable us to make that change.

From a construction perspective, we do this from the ground up by identifying the individual merits of every site we build on. Where we can, we aim to renovate and reuse existing buildings which reduces pollution from demolition while lowering overall CO2 emissions. For our new build homes, it’s about creating spaces people can thrive in, incorporating the technological needs of modern living with nature and the outdoors for our wellbeing.

Acorn Green represents our unique holistic approach to carbon reduction and our commitment to creating inspiring new communities which fulfil the current and future needs of our residents’ whilst respecting and protecting our environment. To highlight our vision, Acorn is delighted to share three projects within our development pipeline that showcase our principles in action.


The Old Printworks, Frome, Somerset

The Old Printworks is a collection of 1, 2,3, and 4 bedroom homes on the site of the former Butler, Tanner & Dennis printers. Currently under construction, this project embodies our Different by Design philosophy.

Using eco bricks, windows are triple glazed to reduce heat loss. A Sustainable urban Drainage System (SuDs) is also in place which will collect rainwater and slowly release it back into the River Frome. Electric car charging ports will be provided in communal parking areas and selected houses will also be prewired. Solar panels where featured will also be integrated.

We’ve also committed to planting more than 80 trees on the 1.5 acres of public space included on the site, along with bat and bird boxes to preserve local ecosystems and biodiversity.

Within walking distance to the town, Frome itself is one of the most sought-after locations in the West Country, voted ‘best place to live’ by The Sunday Times. Not only is it blessed with historic architecture, there’s a thriving community of independent shops, boutiques and artisan studios.

For more information, contact Bernice McKenna


Cubis Bruton, Bruton, Somerset

Cubis Bruton is a range of contemporary 3 and 4 bedroom homes with a focus on ecology. The houses themselves, were designed by land artist Mark Merer, who specialises in the creation of sensitive living places.

Selected homes in this collection have sedum roofs to create an inviting natural habitat for local wildlife. Constructed from locally sourced timber, the buildings have been specially designed to reflect their environment.

Enhanced insulation, triple glazing and Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems have been installed to create thoroughly modern, energy efficient homes.

For more information on the final homes remaining, contact Harry Renshaw-Smith

Cottrell Gardens, Bonvilston, Vale of Glamorgan

Set within a rich and biodiverse conservation area, Cottrell Gardens is made up of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes. Just 20 minutes from Cardiff, these rural homes offer the best of both idyllic Welsh countryside and cosmopolitan city living.

This site has been incredibly important to us from the point of ecology – particularly as it was home to more than 150 Great Crested Newts. These local inhabitants have been safely rehomed into breeding ponds, but we’ve kept an extended network of hedgerows to serve as crucial wildlife corridors.

The homes themselves are also being built with sustainability as a priority and future provision for the installation of car charging points. Technology has also been a focus at Cottrell Gardens with wifi controlled heating to help monitor usage and energy efficient LED lighting.

For more information, contact Jasmine Davies.

For more information on Acorn’s extensive development portfolio, visit the Acorn Property Group website today

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