How property investors can benefit from the rise in new-build homes

Data released this summer (2021) by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), show that new-build development is stronger than ever. This, coupled with the need for increased housing supply, presents opportunities for anyone interested in property investments.   How many new-build homes are there in the UK? In 2019-2020, 244,000 new homes […]

How to get started in Property Development

Property development often comes across as a lucrative and relatively straightforward way to earn a living. Yet in reality, it can be stressful and complex to navigate – particularly if you’re just starting out. Here, we take a look at how and what it takes to get started in property development, so that you can […]

What is a Growth Preference Share?

Preference shares take priority over ordinary share dividends. In most cases, they’re used as a vehicle to fund specific projects. At Acorn, the funds raised from issuing preference shares will support numerous projects including our new developments, Ashton Fields project in the Cotswolds and Market Quay in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is currently subject to planning. […]

Why property is an even better investment after Brexit

The UK’s property market has always shown resilience regardless of black swan events. But while Brexit might feel like a distant memory, we explore why recent events show property is an even stronger investment despite the decision to leave the EU.   House prices continued to rise In the months following Brexit, house prices in […]

10 answered questions on investing with Acorn

The decision to invest should be a considered one. With that in mind, we explore some of the questions we’re frequently asked about investing with Acorn.   Who is Acorn? Acorn is one of the UK’s leading independent housebuilders. Established in 1995, we’ve built a reputation for designing and creating award-winning homes. We’ve also developed […]

Acorn’s 2021 development pipeline– a focus on sustainability

At Acorn, we’ve always taken a unique approach to the homes we build, and we’re wholeheartedly committed to improving sustainability in everything we do. To consolidate our commitment, we recently launched Acorn Green that will highlight the work we do and track our journey to net-carbon zero

A History Of The UK’s Resilient Property Market

Home ownership is still the goal for most people in the UK, despite the high cost. For more than half of potential first-time buyers, becoming a homeowner is about achieving security, while more than a third see it as a way of preserving future wealth, as well as a smart investment move

Introducing Acorn Green

At Acorn, our focus has always been on creating quality, bespoke homes that meet the needs of local communities. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of Acorn Green, which cements our commitment to sustainability, the environment, and intelligent design

2020 – A difficult but successful year with some buoyant outcomes for property investors

Welcome to our review and a look ahead, to 2021. Last year was a year that challenged us all to live and work in new ways – we adapted quickly, and we now have three vaccines and a Brexit deal – here is a review of some of the highlights for property investment and some thoughts on the shape of things to come.   The Brexit deal is done! This combined with the Covid 19 Vaccine is predicted to lift the […]

The Benefits of Property Investment in South West of England

As experienced and seasoned housebuilders, Acorn is always at the forefront of industry innovation. This ensures that we can tap into a tangible need for housing in areas of low supply and high demand. The South West of England and South Wales includes numerous desirable and prospering locations, but the supply of good quality property […]