Inflation-proof your portfolio with an investment in property

With inflation jumping 2% in the space of a month and the Consumer Price Index currently running at a staggering 9%, the UK economy is experiencing the kind of inflationary pressure it hasn’t seen for forty years. Rising oil and gas prices, the war in Ukraine and the lingering impact of the pandemic and Brexit […]

What is Shariah-compliant investing?

Shariah-compliant investing follows Islamic canonical laws which determine the types of investment considered permissible (‘halal’) and forbidden (‘haram’) for Muslims. Shariah, which dates back to the late 1960s, is often viewed as a form of socially responsible investing as it is guided by ethical principles that forbid activities such as ‘profiting from immoral activities’. Shariah […]

Why smart property investors should choose new-builds

Aspiring to own your own home is often seen as a uniquely British characteristic, perhaps because the weather makes us spend so much time in them. It’s often assumed that house buyers prefer older properties with lots of character and period features. A study in 2017 confirmed that three of the top five most desirable […]

Should I take out an IFISA this year?

If you’ve heard of an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA, pronounced ‘if-ISA’) but aren’t sure what they are or whether they’re right for you, we’re here to answer some of your questions.   What is an IFISA compared with a regular cash, or stocks & shares ISA? An Innovative Finance ISA is actually quite different from […]

How you can benefit from the UK’s booming property market at the click of a button

In recent decades, property has proved itself a highly resilient investment. Even during times of market turbulence and global uncertainty, the average price of a house in the UK has continued to rise inexorably, from £1,891 in 1955 (a little over £65,000 in today’s money) to £275,000 in the year to December 2021. Little wonder […]

Why sustainable investing should be part of your investment strategy

While we’re all familiar with the term, for many of us, sustainable investing is still a complex area. We know that it should be part of our investment strategy, but can it deliver the same returns? And while we know which industries and practices to avoid, how do we know which ones to choose, and […]

Sowing the seeds of opportunity in 2022

The next 12 months promises to be an exciting one for us at Acorn. As well as new site launches, we’re looking forward to kick-starting new projects and opportunities that will offer our stakeholders innovative ways to invest. Our commitment to driving down the carbon footprint of our homes and moving towards long-term sustainable housing […]

Investing in property through SSAS

A balanced pension generally includes a property allocation. But beyond that initial investment the pension-holder often has limited involvement. For investors wanting greater control over a property investment, and all the tax benefits of a pension scheme, could an SSAS (Small Self-Administered pension Scheme) be the answer?   How does a SSAS work? An SSAS […]

A guide to property investment terms

Understanding industry jargon is a hurdle many of us face, and the property investment space is no different. To help you navigate the acronyms and confusing terminology, we’ve put together this glossary of property investment terms you’re likely to come across. Annual percentage rate (APR): this is the total amount of interest accrued on a […]